Close-up of the greeting card design
The Elegance of Touch: A Unique Greeting Card on Luxurious Paper
An original and elegant greeting card, crafted from two luxurious papers: Antalis Matter Désirée Red® 380g and Metallics Lustre® 300g. The brand is engraved on a brushed metal effect polymer.

Project Objectives:
➜ Create a unique and distinctive greeting card that reflects the brand's identity.
➜ Provide a sustainable alternative to traditional greeting cards.
➜ Offer an exceptional tactile and visual experience to recipients.

Role and Responsibilities:
➜ Design and develop the creative concept.
➜ Select materials and manufacturing techniques.
➜ Prepare files considering technical specifications.
➜ Oversee the production process.

Results and Deliverables:
➜ An elegant and refined greeting card, distinguished by its high-end materials and meticulous finishes.
➜ An exceptional tactile and visual experience, evoking emotion and admiration from recipients.
Close-up of a stamp on a greeting card
Close-up on greeting card
Close-up on greeting card
This greeting card is a true luxury item, both unique and sustainable. It is an excellent choice for those who wish to convey a strong message and leave a lasting impression.

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