The CNEF Colmar Pastoral: The Visual Impact that Creates Sensation
The CNEF Colmar pastoral is a non-profit association, one of the local branches of the National Council of Evangelicals of France (CNEF).​​​​​​​

Project Objectives:
➜ Create captivating visual aids to engage the public and spark interest.
➜ Clearly communicate key information about the event.
➜ Motivate action by encouraging the public to participate in the conference.
➜ Ensure effectiveness and consistency across all media.

Role and Responsibilities:
➜ Develop a creative concept that effectively conveys the event's message and captures the attention of the target audience.
➜ Design mockups for the visual structure and information hierarchy.
➜ Revise designs based on feedback and finalize the mockups.
➜ Manage the production and printing of communication materials.

Results and Deliverables:
➜ An engaging and approved visual concept that effectively represents the identity of the CNEF Colmar pastoral and the spirit of the event.
➜ Striking posters that clearly convey the event.
➜ Delivery of digital files suitable for publication on social media.
➜ Printed materials produced in sufficient quantities for effective distribution and display.
The CNEF Colmar pastoral project has successfully achieved its objectives. The engaging visual materials clearly communicated the essential information and greatly mobilized the audience. The creative and consistent approach led to a memorable impact, increasing visibility and participation. This success, which has generated pride and hope within the community, lays the foundation for promising future initiatives and strengthened community engagement.

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