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The IT-CE Activity Report: A Captivating Visual Dialogue
IT-CE, a BPCE company specializing in the development of banking IT projects for the Caisses d'Épargne, commissioned me to design an activity report for its upcoming board meeting.

Project Objectives:
➜ Design an activity report that is both attractive and engaging.
➜ Use impactful visuals to enhance the communication of key information.
➜ Deliver within tight deadlines.

Role and Responsibilities:
➜ Develop a coherent and dynamic layout.
➜ Design clear and impactful infographics to visually present data.
➜ Select relevant visuals to captivate readers.
➜ Meet deadlines.

Results and Deliverables:
➜ Stakeholder engagement through effective communication of key information.
➜ Enhancement of IT-CE's brand image with a modern and dynamic presentation that reflects its dynamism and innovation.
➜ Achievement of objectives within deadlines due to close collaboration between the project leader and the IT-CE team.
➜ Delivery of a 56-page activity report.
Summary of the activity report spread over two pages
Inside pages of the activity report
Inside pages of the activity report
Inside pages of the activity report
Activity report cover page
Inside pages of the activity report
Back cover of business report on light background
In collaboration with Marc, Head of Communications at IT-CE, we have designed a 56-page activity report that is visually attractive and engaging, adhering to the tight deadlines. The dynamic layout and the clear communication of key information have sparked significant interest among stakeholders, as evidenced by the positive feedback received.
As Marc highlighted, the activity report was very well received by the stakeholders, particularly for its dynamic layout and impactful visuals.
I am proud of the work accomplished and would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project, especially Marc for his responsiveness and expertise in content creation and design.
Client Testimonial
Samuel did remarkable work, within very tight deadlines, to develop the annual activity report for my company. He was highly invested, quickly finding the right layout to highlight the topics covered. He also provided excellent advice when it came to choosing visuals to illustrate the different sections and chapters. I appreciated working with Samuel, with complete confidence and in close collaboration.

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