Modernity and Tradition: A New Identity for Timeless Pleasure
Le Relais de la Diligence is a traditional restaurant and grill that offers quality cuisine in a friendly setting. The establishment can accommodate up to 90 people and also provides a takeaway service for fresh pizzas, as well as catering services.

Project Objectives:
➜ Modernize the establishment's image while preserving its traditional values of quality, conviviality, and tradition.
➜ Develop the establishment's communication tools, including the website, business cards, menus, and flyers.

Role and Responsibilities:
➜ Develop a visual identity that reflects the essence of the establishment.
➜ Create simple and elegant communication materials consistent with the visual identity.
➜ Develop a dynamic website that presents the establishment and its services.
➜ Manage the project within the set deadlines.
➜ Oversee the production and printing of communication materials.

Results and Deliverables:
➜ A renewed visual identity that reflects the establishment's values.
➜ A responsive and user-friendly website that showcases the products and services clearly and attractively, with easy navigation.
➜ Elegant and consistent communication materials that contribute to promoting the establishment.
Le Relais de la Diligence has successfully modernized its image while maintaining its traditional values. The visual identity, website, and communication materials are now more modern and elegant, effectively promoting the establishment in an attractive manner.
Client Testimonial
Excellent work!!! Very good collaboration and communication. Deadline successfully met with high quality work. Samuel listens to his clients thank you for your creativity see you very soon for other projects.

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