From Urgency to Elegance: The Boomerang Keynote Presentation
Employed by the Boomerang agency, acclaimed for its organic and inventive approach to social media, I rose to the challenge of designing the layout for a Keynote presentation for "Eau de Paris" within an exceedingly tight deadline. The aim of this project was to outline the agency's creative vision for a campaign that encourages young Parisians to prefer the municipal water, epitomized by the slogan "Here, I choose the water of Paris."

Project Objectives:
➜ Infuse the presentation with life to captivate the audience.
➜ Implement the graphic charter consistently and aesthetically across each slide.
➜ Deliver within less than 24 hours.

Role and Responsibilities:
➜ Craft a vibrant and cohesive presentation.
➜ Harmonize typography, colors, and graphical elements for flawless visual consistency.
➜ Select potent and poignant images to amplify the message.
➜ Work assiduously to meet the deadline.

Results and Deliverables:
➜ Immediate mobilization, commencing at 5 PM, delivery by 8:30 AM after an all-nighter.
➜ Designing an attractive and dynamic 26-slide presentation.
➜ First draft impeccable, meeting expectations without revisions, evidencing quality and efficiency.
This collaboration has proven my commitment and responsiveness in the face of urgency. Quality and rapid comprehension of the stakes were crucial. Thanks to Boomerang for its trust; ready for new graphic challenges.
Client Testimonial
Samuel was super responsive and delivered perfect work.
Pierre Fonteny, Co-Founder — Boomerang Agency

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