Between Illusion and Instant: The Poetic Dance of Jacky Levillain
Coming from the world of clowning, Jacky Levillain has journeyed from the circus realm to Buddhist philosophies, from visual arts to painting, and from music to singing, culminating with poetic writing. Throughout this odyssey, he has uncovered that all is illusion, and that true art lies in fully embracing the moment.

Project Objectives:
➜ Create a book that balances aesthetics with readability, faithful to Jacky Levillain's message.
➜ Deliver the final document on time.

Role and Responsibilities:
➜ Design a cover that captures attention and conveys the book's theme.
➜ Select appropriate typefaces, ensuring readability and aesthetic appeal.
➜ Develop a clear and flowing layout, in keeping with the book's spirit.
➜ Work closely with the author to align the text with the design.
➜ Prepare files for high-quality printing (pre-press).

Results and Deliverables:
➜ A complete interior layout of the book, incorporating text and images.
➜ A finished mock-up of the cover.
➜ Pre-press files ready for optimal printing.
The book by Jacky Levillain, a testament to his unique artistic journey, is now ready to engage the reader. The result of a fruitful collaboration, the book's layout combines readability and aesthetics, ensuring that the essence of the art of living in the moment is tangible on each page.

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